24 Hours With My Sexy Neighbour

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24 Hours With My Sexy Neighbour

1 The Early Morning Show

I'd never thought of my neighbour, Hazel, as anything but that, a neighbour, a good neighbour, but just a neighbour. She was in her late sixties so the thought of her having sex had never entered my mind. That was until late last night!!!

I'd been out with the lads and it was late, very late, around two in the morning. Most of the tenants of the small block of flats where I live are in their seventies and eighties, definitely not your typical night owl, so I was surprised to see Hazel's light on as I walked past it on the way to my flat. As I got closer to the kitchen window I noticed it was open and I could hear the sound of voices coming from inside the flat. The open plan layout of the flats means you can see straight through into the lounge from the corridor and what I saw, stopped dead in my tracks.

Sitting on the couch, completely naked was blowjob porn videos a guy I didn't know and sitting next to him was Hazel also completely naked. I could see that her fingers were wrapped around his cock and she was giving him a hand job. I'd never have expected a woman of her age to have such a tidy body. Her breasts, though they had a definite sag to them, were still pretty firm, and although her stomach had a slight swell, she still looked good. I could see that she had a nice, soft looking bush of greying, blonde hair covering her mound.

For a couple of minutes, I watched as she worked her hand up and down the guys cock, until he stopped her. ’Keep that up Hazel and you'll have me coming,’ he laughed, ’first things first.’ I watched as the guy got up and knelt between my neighbour's open legs. Of course my cock was rock hard by now and I unzipped myself and slid my hand inside. I could hear wet, slurping sounds as the guy began lapping at her pussy. It was obvious that Hazel was enjoying his attention as she groaned loudly and moved her hands up to her breasts and ran her hands over them. I could see her nipples were already hard but saw them get even harder as the guy worked his mouth up and down over her pussy.

Hazel was really pushing herself up onto him now and I heard her say, ’Oh yes David, like that, just like that. Your tongue, put your tongue inside me, Oh God yes, yes. Now, back to my clit. Oh God yes David yes I'm coming, don't stop.’

It was clear that Hazel was in control as the guys hands slid under her ass cheeks and pulled her harder onto his mouth. Hazel suddenly cried out and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him even closer. ’Oh yes Dave yes, I'm coming. Are you ready?’ She gasped loudly and then her whole body shook for several minutes before she went limp and collapsed backwards onto the couch. I could see the guy's face was glistening with her juices and she began kissing and licking him, groaning softly as she tasted herself on him.

Hazel lay there for a few moments catching her breath until the guy moved back then moved forwards again, guiding his cock towards her glistening pussy lips. I watched spellbound as he eased forwards and from Hazel's groans of pleasure I knew his cock was entering her. Her groans grew even louder as he fed more of his cock into her. He held still for a moment then began to move his hips and I heard him moan as his cock worked in and out of her. ’It's my turn now Hazel, he groaned as he thrust his cock deeper into her, ’I'm coming baby, I'm coming.’ For a second or two he froze then started fucking he again and I actually saw his ass cheeks clench and knew he was pumping his load into her pussy. At that moment I had my eyes closed listening to sounds of pure lust coming from my neighbour's lounge and when I opened them I got the shock of my life, Hazel was staring straight at me. I stepped back into the shadows hoping she hadn't seen me but when she smiled, I knew I'd been caught. I beat a hasty retreat back to my own flat and almost collapsed onto the couch. I lay there for a good ten minutes, my cock throbbing in my pants, reliving what I'd just seen, fully expecting a knock at my front door. But after an hour, with nothing happening I went to bed and it wasn't till the following morning that things took an unexpected turn.

2 The Morning After

I was in the kitchen fixing coffee when there was a tap on the window and I looked up to see Hazel standing there. ’Mike,’ she said, ’can I have a word with you.’ I was surprised at how calm she sounded and as I opened the front door, I was fully expecting her to give me a right bollocking for spying on her so I was even more surprised that when I did open the door I was greeted by a broad smile. ’I think you'd better come in Hazel,’ I said, as I stepped aside. ’Yes Mike,’ she relied, ’I think I'd better.’ I showed her into the lounge and said I'd just made coffee if she wanted one. ’Yes please Mike,’ she said, as she sat down on the couch, ’I'd love one.’

As I poured the coffee, I was still puzzled by her demeanor, she didn't seem at all angry and when I took the coffee into the lounge, she smiled up at me. ’Did you enjoy the show last night Mike?’ she asked as I put the mugs down on the coffee table. For a second or two I was lost for words but eventually I managed a reply. ’Oh I'm sorry Hazel but I couldn't help it. After all I'm only human and it was quite a show you and your friend put on.’ ’Yes it was, wasn't it? David said you'd enjoy it.’ ’S-s-s-so you both knew I was there all along,’ I stammered. ’Of course we did, we saw you coming down the ramp. It was all David's idea to put the show on for you,’ she said, still smiling.

’So is David your boyfriend?’ I asked. ’Well, sort of,’ she replied, ’he's married so we have to keep it quiet. He was in the area last night on business so we had more time than usual together and thanks to you last night we had a great time.’ ’Thanks to me?’ I said, not quite getting what she meant. ’Yes Mike, knowing you were watching us got David really horny and what you saw was just the start of things. I'm really sore down there,’ she laughed, glancing down into her lap. Of course, the intimate way Hazel was talking and the memory of the previous night had got me good and hard again, something Hazel hadn't failed to notice. The bulge in my pants was unmistakable.

David had to leave early this morning, but before he left, he said I really ought to thank you for last night and judging by that,’ she said, glancing down at the bulge in my pants, ’I think I know just how to do it.’ Then before I could say or do anything, her hand was in my lap resting my /erection/">erection. I was in shock, I'd never imagined anything like this between Hazel and myself and just sat there lost for words as she unzipped my flies and slid her hand inside. ’Mmm, that feels nice,’ she said as she squeezed my shaft through my boxers. With her other hand, she began to unbutton her blouse, revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra and now that I could see her nipples close up I realized just how beautiful they were. They were already partly erect and the surrounding, deep pink areola only accentuated the fact.

Smiling sexily at me, Hazel moved her hand to the waistband of my pants and unclipped it, pulling the two halves apart then pulled the front of my boxers down, uncovering my now uncomfortably /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. As she ran her hand up my shaft, a bead of pre-cum formed on it and Hazel smiled at me again. ’Mmm, that looks tasty,’ she said softly and I held my breath as she lowered her head towards it. With her hand still massaging the base of my shaft through my boxers, she slid her lips over the tip of my cock and I gasped as she ran her tongue over it, capturing the bead of pre-cum. With her mouth full of my knob, she groaned softly and a tremor of intense pleasure ran through my body. It soon became clear that Hazel was no stranger to giving /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex as she finished uncovering my cock and kissed her way down it before returning to the tip again. She smiled up at me as she poked her tongue out and flicked at the vee shaped scar under my knob. What felt like a bolt electricity shot through me as she once again took it into her mouth and completely covered it with her soft, warm mouth then slid her lips down the full length of my erection. Now I'm not that big, but when I felt her lips brush my pubic hairs I realized that she'd taken my full seven inches, the /first-time/">first time that had ever happened to me.

While she worked her lips up and down my shaft, she reached her hand down between my legs, into my boxers and started to gently massage my ball sac. It was inevitable that the treatment she was giving me meant that I soon began to feel my /climax/">climax building and warned her of the fact. I didn't know whether she was a swallower or not but I soon found out that she was, as she smiled up at me again and increased the speed and pressure of her sucking. Less than a minute later I felt my seed flying up my shaft a split second before it erupted into her waiting mouth and felt her suction increase as she swallowed the first couple of spurts before she pulled her lips off my cock and continued to stroke up and down my shaft until my flow turned into a dribble.

I thought that was it but Hazel had other ideas and began to lick the remnants of my climax of my rapidly wilting cock then took my knob back into her mouth. When she was satisfied I had nothing left to give, she raised her head and smiled at me. ’Well Mike,’ she said, ’I hope you enjoyed my thanks. I know I did.’ With that she re-buttoned her blouse and stood up. ’I have to go now Mike, but David said if you're not busy this evening, you're more than welcome to join us for a drink.’

I told her I would be more than happy to join them and Hazel kissed me gently on the lips before she turned and headed out through the door. ’See around eight then Mike,’ she said as I showed her to the door. milf porn videos ’I think you'll like David, he's a really nice man.’

3 The Evening (The Lounge)

For the rest of the day I was walking about in a trance, not believing what I'd seen the previous night or what had happened that morning. I was expecting to wake up at any moment and find it had all been a dream, albeit a nice dream but just a dream. Finally though eight o'clock came round and I was on my way up to Hazel's flat. I'd showered and put on a clean pair of tight fitting Lycra boxers. I'd also put on a pair of light slacks and button through shirt, I didn't know what to expect so I was ready for all eventualities. As I passed the kitchen window again I could hear Hazel talking to David and stopped and eavesdropped on their conversation.

’Mike should be here soon David, I'd better go and get changed, let him when he gets here will you.’ I heard David reply that he would then saw Hazel walk out of the lounge. I knocked on the door, more relaxed now I knew I wasn't going to get any grief off David, who, when he opened the door smiled. ’Hi, Mike, glad you could make it,’ he said, ’as you might have guessed, I'm David and it's nice to meet you. Come on in, Hazel's just getting changed.’