My best friends girlfriend

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
My best friends girlfriend

My old friend marco had kinda lost his mind and became paranoid. He ended up hitting his sons mother and I stepped in. After that he hated me and I didn't care because I knew I was right.
Well,I ended up becoming friends with his ex. He stalked her and harassed her daily. I became close to his whom he neglected and he called and threatened me.
I brushed it off and decided to hit him were it hurt the most.

I invited his woman out to get a bite to eat. We met up and she was dressed like a hooker. She had on a short skirt which barely covered her big,round ass and her immense tits bulged out of her top. And to top it off she had on high heels.
She is a country girl that's on the thick side with hair,blue eyes and a accent.I am from the city and knew how easy I could seduce this nieve country girl.
We ate dinner and had drinks. We ended up flirting at dinner which ended up with her massaging my cock with her foot under the table. She leaned over and whispered,"is your cock as big as it feels?"
I just gave her a look telling her that it was.

We finished up and walked out to her car. She got to her door and iturned around and jumped on me our lips presses together and began to kiss deeply. She stopped and said,"I want you to fuck me right here,right now!"
I insisted we go for a ride and we got into her car and drove off. She asked,"where can we go so I can ride that cock baby?" I guided her to a construction site and had her turn the lights off.
immediatly I slid my hand up her skirt and caressed her already soaked pussy.
She said ina demanding tone,"get naked."

So,I pulled my shirt off followed by my pants and boxers.
Meanwhile she did the same and she gasped as she placed my heavy member in her hand and leaned over and put her lips around my flacid cock. Her warm mouth and tounge twirling about my cock made me grow erect rather quickly. I leaned my seat back and told her to wrap her around my now bulging 9 inch cock.
She spit on my cock before wrapping her warm breasts around my cock. She began rapidly slamming her soft tits up and down my shaft until I couldn't take it anymore.
I said,"get on the hood,I'm going to fucking beat that pussy up!" She moaned and pleaded,"fuck me like I'm a dorty little cunt!"

We walked infronmt of the car and I threw her on the hood and pulled her down as she grasped my cock and rubbed it on her as I pressed into her. I spread her lips until my swollen head penetrated her. She moaned,"oh my lord,I loved your cock,it fills me up perfectly!" As my cock went in more and more I felt her soft walls tightly wrap around every inch of my cock.
I slowly pumped her making her squeeze her tits and arch her back in the moonlight. After she got used to the girth of me she begged for me to go deeper and hatrder.
She threw her legs on my shoulders so I grabbed ahold of her thick thighs and began to slam her with more intensity making her cray out,"god,oh my fucking...." Then her pussy squeezed my cock and she came for a good 10 seconds. She looked at me and said,"never in my life have I felt an orgasm like that!"
I pulled my member out of her as she slid to her knees in the dirt and began sucking my cock.

I let her suck on my shaft then I started to force my long cock down her throat. She gagged and gasped for air out of her nose,tears poured down her face. I stopped and said,"now I'm gonna fuck you like a dirt lil cunt!"
I brought her to her feet and bent her over the hood of her car and forced my cock inside of her,making her scream in pain. I forced myslef in balls deep as I squeezed her tits together. She cried out,"Ooooo its so xnxxv sunny leone video fuck big!" I said,"take it !" I pushed as deep as possible before grabbing her thighs and thrusting all of my meaty cock in and out of her with such force and speed that she laid there speechless until I felt my load coming.
"Oh yeah,I'm gonna cum you little !",I grunted out. She pleaded for me to cum in her. She screamed,"fucking pump me full of your !" As sshe reached under and massaged my balls I pushed balls deep inside of her and my cock pumped hot cum deep real forced anal against her will within her as I collapsed on her. She moaned,"your cock is so good baby." As she caressed my balls. I pulled out of her and she fell to her knees and sucked my cock and licked my. Cum seaping from her pussy off her fingertips.

That was the night I got my revenge!