Mountains of Rubber Chapter 5 Girls Night Out

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Mountains of Rubber Chapter 5 Girls Night Out

Synopsis: Dan/Daniella is enjoying a wonderful weekend of servitude, up in MzDominica's mountain cabin. She is preparing him to go out with her for the evening, dressed "en femme" -- something he greatly fears and greatly desires, both at the same time. So far, she has him in heavy makeup, a wig, and black panty hose with a textured weave that says "fuck me" over and over again, in fancy letters. The rubber panties still encase his sex, completely subject to her remote control.

Chapter 5, Girls' Night Out

MzDominica's fingers snapping under her nose brought Daniella back bokep sma pecah perawan to the present.

"Danielllllaaaa! Focus on me, Daniella. Wake up! Not ALL the way," Dominica chuckled, "just enough to finish getting dressed, my little slave. My little slut. My rubber slave! Say it!"

From far away, Daniella returned, hearing her Mistress' commands. She was just barely able to mumble, "Rub... ber... slave..."

"/good/good-girl/">good girl," Dominica replied. The words of approval sent shivers all through Daniella's body. "Now, stand up again... rubber... slave! Stand up, and look in the suitcase again."

Daniella stood slowly, unable to stop trailing her hands over and over her thighs, feeling the texture of the "fuck me" hose. Her eyes opened, while she stood a moment, regaining her balance, still panting slightly. The wig made her head feel heavy -- or was that the feeling of trance? She forgot the question almost as soon as it occurred to her, and walked from her pallet toward the suitcase. MzDominica's presence on the bed felt like heat to her, like gravity, like a spiral beckoning her eyes to stare and drop deeper into trance. Only the command to look in the suitcase kept her moving. Dominica admired how her slave's hips swayed gently as she walked, already such an automatic part of her deepening feminization.

The lid of the suitcase was still open, and now Daniella could see what had been inside that had looked so smooth and shiny. More rubber. Mmmmm. Of course, more rubber. But what was it?

"Reach in, and take them out... rubber slave!" Dominica commanded. "These are your clothes for this evening."

Daniella reached down and picked up the first item. It was a sort of halter, made all of black rubber, with a zipper up the front. It seemed to have breasts with perky little nipples, built into its shape.

"Put it on, slut!" said Dominica.

The slave undid the zipper, opened the halter. She slid her left arm in, letting the rest of it drop downwards. Then she shifted her weight, swinging the halter behind her back, catching it with her right hand. A little finger searching, and she was able to slip her right arm into the other hole. She shrugged the squishy rubber over her shoulders. It felt so soft and warm on her back!

Then Daniella realized this was going to be a very tight fit, indeed! She pulled, and tugged at the black, stretchy material -- feeling fuzzier and more aroused with every moment. Finally, she got the zipper started, and continuing to pull and stretch, managed to pull it upward. It was obvious that not only were the built-in boobs there for looks, but the inside of the halter pushed her own breasts in and upward, making nice, little bulges just above the wide, circular neckline. She started running her fingers over the puffy rubber nipples, wishing she could feel her fingertips -- and discovered she could!

"Very good, rubber slave," Mistress smiled. "Now, the next item. Take it out, and put it on. Sloooowwwwly. I want to watch you wiggle!"

Inside the suitcase was a black rubber miniskirt, with a zipper that went halfway down the back. Dominica enjoyed the little squeak that escaped her slave's lips when she picked it up. There wasn't much of it -- Daniella realized it wasn't going to cover more than her ass and the very tops of her thighs. Her pussy started throbbing again, and the butt plug, tight inside the rubber panties, seemed to be fucking in and out of her again, in tiny, delightful strokes.

Daniella undid the zipper, held the skirt in her right hand, letting the left side droop. Then she bent forward, and stepped with her left leg into the skirt. She pulled it up her leg a little bit, then -- balancing carefully -- stepped in with her right leg. Then she pulled it a little higher on the right. The feel of the "fuck me" hose on her thigh, rubbing against her right hand, beckoned her down into a deep erotic trance. She could hear her own heart beat -- tha-thud... tha-thud... tha-thud... -- and her eyes started closing, replacing her view of the world with a warm, dark red pulsing. Her mouth dropped open, and her eyes opened in little slits -- just enough that she could see -- and she reached down, and caught the lower side of the skirt with her left hand. The slave straightened a little, pulling the skirt up over her knees, feeling the soft rubber between her thumb and forefinger, the texture of the "fuck me" hose against her palms. Her hips began to sway back and forth, like she was imitating a snake, as she tugged and pulled the tight, rubber miniskirt up her legs, first one side, then the other. When the waistband was finally in place, over her hips, she gave a little grunt, and thrust her hips forward, totally unaware of what she was doing.

Her left hand on her tummy, Daniella reached back to the zipper, and started to pull it upward. Of course, it was too tight to just be zipped up. Her eyes almost opened, then shut tighter, as she reached back with her left hand, pulling the rubber together with both hands, working the zipper up, inch by inch. When it reached the top, she stood there, with both hands behind her, gently swaying. Not sure what to do next. Eyes half open in little slits. Mouth slack, in a soft "O." Her ass sucking, sucking, sucking on the butt plug.

"Danielllllaaaaaa!" Mistress called, gently. The slave shivered. Dominica could see her eyes rolling upward, under the half-closed lids. "Two more things in the suitcase, little slut. First, reach in, and pull out your little ankle boots!"

So hard to open her eyes! Daniella's eyelids felt like they had been weighted down with the long eyelashes, glued together with the heavy makeup. She struggled to open them, with just enough success to see the suitcase, where the soft, black boots lay, on their sides, little of sparkles of light all up and down their surfaces. She seemed to float across the short distance to the suitcase, and picked up the boots. The scent of new leather made her want to close her eyes and drift some more, but the feel of cold metal confused her. Daniella's eyes popped open, and her first good look at the boots made her gasp, then hold her breath. All up and down the boots were little D-rings, in rows. She began to trail her fingers along the rows, hearing tiny tinkling sounds as her hand brushed the rings.

The sudden sensation of MzDominica's fingers, trailing along the outside of her thigh, felt at first like a jolt of electricity. Then the warmth spread, up and down her thigh, inside the black, textured hose, and around into her pussy. Her legs separated ever so slightly, pushing her sex forward, as the butt plug imbedded it self firmly in her ass.

"Go deeper, Daniella," Mistress cooed. "Deeper, as you feel the rings." Daniella's hand continued to trail back and forth over the cool metal. "I want you to think of these rings, ALLLLL evening! Imagine yourself tied to the rings. Shackled to the rings. Chained, with your legs wide. Your pussy open to me!" The slave's eyes were now wide open, and she WAS looking in the direction of the boots -- but her mind was elsewhere, and had placed her between the pine trees again. "That's right, my rubber slut. Feel yourself bound and shackled, all evening. Feminized. Dressed in rubber." Daniella began to breathe, so very deep and slowly, feeling herself so completely in Mistress' power. "Now, pretty girl... put on your boots. Right where you are. And don't you DARE get a run in those hose!" She leaned back, sitting on the bed.

Daniella rose from trance just enough to explore the boots, looking for an opening -- and she found a zipper on the left boot. She set the right boot back down in the suitcase, unzipped the left one, and using the suitcase to balance, raised her left leg -- awkwardly -- and slipped on the boot. She zipped it closed, somehow hearing a huge, rusty padlock in her head instead of a zipper. Then she set her foot down, retrieved the right boot, and put it on.

"Good girl," Mistress smiled. "Now, the last thing in the suitcase. Pick up your purse."

The rubber-covered slave reached over, and picked up the tiny clutch purse. Also of leather, with sharp little metal studs all over it. She had long since stopped thinking. Stopped anticipating. Daniella stood, shoulders slightly drooped, hands at her sides, her mind completely empty, awaiting Mistress' next command.

"Mmmmm, don't you look delicious?" MzDominica teased. "You are my horny little rubber slave. Say it!"

Daniella responded immediately. "I am your horny little rubber slave!" Her voice was so much higher than usual. And she still had that delightful, unfocused look to her eyes, that so pleased her Mistress.

"Again!" MzDominica commanded.

"I am your horny little rubber slave!" Daniella's hips began to pump, forward and back, making the butt plug fuck into her again.

"Now open the purse," Mistress commanded, "I have another /surprise/">surprise for you."

Daniella raised her left hand, which was holding the purse, and undid the clasp. She looked inside, and found two small brass old waman xxxgx padlocks, and a set of keys.

"Pull out the locks, and the keys, and hand them to me, slut," said Dominica.

The slave handed everything to her Mistress, and found herself shivering when MzDominica stood up from the bed, walked so very close to her, and stared into her eyes while she did something near her neckline. The sound of a click, Dominica stood back, and Daniella realized that one of the padlocks now secured the zipper at the top of her rubber halter. She could not remove it, unless Mistress undid the lock.

"Turn around, slut!" Mistress commanded.

Daniella turned, presenting her rubber-covered backside to her Mistress, and felt/heard another click. She realized the rubber miniskirt was now locked in place.